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Hey guys! My name is Katie & this is a place for me to blog about two of my obsessions - YouTube Beauty Gurus and Pretty Little Liars!


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Fandom is knowing that, across the globe, hundreds of other people are screaming ‘NO FUCK YOU’ at their televisions and curling up on the floor and crying at exactly the same moment as you are.

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Melissa took the picture of Spencer’s shadow following Ali which was shot from Ali’s bedroom. We know from the video that Caleb uncovered that Melissa, Ian, Garrett, and Jenna were all in Alison’s room the night of her disappearance. Garrett stated on the Halloween Train that him and Jenna went outside to give Ian and Melissa time to “talk it over.” After that, Ali went back to the barn where Spencer was awake and determined to talk to her, so she chased after Ali and thats when the shot was captured. So when Garrett and Jenna were outside spying on Byron, I have no doubt Melissa was still in Ali’s room recording/taking pictures of Ali’s backyard because Melissa wanted to spy on their meeting to see what Ian was doing. If this is confusing you just think of it this way: There is a video of four people (NAT members) in Ali’s room the night she disappeared and we have seen flashbacks of three of those people meeting Alison “that night,” so the only person that is unaccounted for is Melissa.

Also, I never realized that Ali stole the videos on the same day as her disappearance. I believe the videos were the biggest motive for attempting to kill Alison. so, we have to consider who it would be MOST problematic for to have the videos be seen.


I’m not much of an interview person, but I just had to post this bcuz they are PERFECTION. they all look so stunning its crazy! <3


Zap2it: It seemed like there were two big deaths at the end of the episode. Are you going to confirm whether either one is for sure dead?
Marlene King: I think we like to let that play out. “For sure dead” is never really — when I have to call people and tell them their character is going…

Ingrid is so sweet! She retweeted and replied to me 😁 I ended up getting like 100+ favorites on my tweet. Haha. She is my fave (: who&#8217;s yours?

Ingrid is so sweet! She retweeted and replied to me 😁 I ended up getting like 100+ favorites on my tweet. Haha. She is my fave (: who’s yours?

Anonymous said: Can you do one of According to miss jayne? I asked a bunch of pages but none of them will. Thank you:)

That is a beauty channel, yes? I will absolutely make some gifs! I always take requests :D

thanks for the message!



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