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Hey guys! My name is Katie & this is a place for me to blog about two of my obsessions - YouTube Beauty Gurus and Pretty Little Liars!

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Why were you smelling the doorknob?

woah perfect, much?

Shame on you. Do you know what show you’re watching?!?!?!

Stop complaining that the ‘A’ storyline is back. It never left! If you’re bored of A go watch a different show

I think the twin story Ali told on Halloween was a real story that CeCe told Ali about her own twin. I think CeCe’s twin attempted to kill her when they were younger but didn’t succeed and got sent to Radley. While she was at Radley she was the fragile patient that pushed Toby’s mother off of the roof. She then came in contact with Wilden who was investigating Marion’s death and they must have made some sort of deal so Wilden would lie on the police report (we know he was a creep so he might have been having sexual relations with her - gross, but it explains his attraction to Hanna because her, Ali, and CeCe all look alike). So I think CeCe has this memory of her twin sister and she was traumatized by the whole situation and wanted a sister again, so she became attached to Ali and she literally thinks of Ali as her blood sister replacing her sick twin. I also think CeCe lied about or changed her name so she would have the similar initials as Ali or to signify cutting off her family. So this explains why the old man was warning Marion to stay away from “that blonde girl.” Also since Mrs. DiLaurentis was on the board at Radley I think Bethany found out she was Alison’s mother and Bethany was extremely jealous that her twin sis CeCe replaced her with Ali, maybe even enough to plot her murder. It’s possible that Mrs. D knew about Bethany since she worked there. Remember the time Mrs. D went to Radley and said she found CeCe there dressed like Ali? Maybe it was actually Bethany dressing like Ali because she wants her sister back. She could have dressed up like Ali in the yellow top that night too. Maybe Wilden blackmailed Mrs. D to keep Bethany a secret because Wilden didn’t want to get exposed for the false police report which could explain why Mrs. D returned to rosewood after Wilden’s death.
If I kept on thinking about this there’s so many more points that support this theory, so I’ll try to elaborate even more on this soon!

Send me your thoughts! Does CeCe have a twin?

xoxo guru-pll-obsessed

Okay I see that everyone is upset that abc family fought Marlene on cutting the Emison make out scene and are upset that every other couple has had clear sex scenes. I just want to point something out to you all. It is MUCH easier to insinuate heterosexual sex without actually showing the action of having sex. It’s different for girl on girl sex. You need to realize if they wanted to show two girls having sex one would have to be under the covers going down on the other or touching her breasts or something. THAT would be wayyyyy too graphic for a family show. It’s not the fact that they have issues with homosexuality or homosexual sex, there’s just literally no way to show it or insinuate it except for making out.

Can we all calm down and stop attacking abc/pll please?