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Hey guys! My name is Katie & this is a place for me to blog about two of my obsessions - YouTube Beauty Gurus and Pretty Little Liars!

So I’ve watched the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars three times now and I’ve been reading PLL Theories non stop! So, I will be posting many many more theories about this episode (I mean, we have until January) but for now I want to focus on that last scene.

First of all, we know that the hand that emerged from the ground was Alison’s because it had on the same bracelet that Alison wears. Second, after reading a lot of peoples’ thoughts on whether this indicated if Ali was alive or dead, I did a little bit of morbid research about how to survive being buried alive. It became very apparent to me that as soon as you can get one or both of your hands above surface then you will most likely survive. There is only about a foot and a half, maybe maybe two feet distance from your head and your fingertips when you put your arms straight up. And in almost every article I read about someone surviving a premature burial got their hands and arms out of the ground first. 

When you really take a step back from the show and think logically(Hard to do during pll, I know) then you will realize it really is common sense that if someone who is buried alive can get their hand/arm free then it is basically a clear indication that they will survive. What type of person can stick their hand through the surface, but somehow decides to stop trying and die with their arm sticking out of the ground? Then that would also mean Ali’s body would have been found like the next day seeing as there would be a dead arm just laying there.

So what are your guys’ thoughts after considering this? I think Ali is alive!

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